1981, The Red & Black Year


Documentary that celebrates and tells the story of one of the best football teams of all time. Thirty years later, famous players like Zico and Junior remember how it was to become champion of all Americas and, then, champion of the world, playing against Liverpool, in Tokyo, Japan. Flamengo, from Rio de Janeiro, is the most popular Brazilian Football Team and 1981 was its most important year. Interviews with all Flamengo players, coaches and rivals help to explain why they were so good. Scenes were shot in Rio, São Paulo, Chile, Portugal and in the UK. (1×52′)

Director: Eduardo Rajabally
Director of Photography: Dado Carlin
Writer: Danilo Gullane
Editor: André Finotti
Researcher: Eduardo Monsanto
Production Director: Renata Rudge
Executive Producers: Debora Ivanov & Maurício Dias
Produced by: Gullane & Grifa Filmes
Co-Produced by: ESPN Brasil