Animal Rescue

(Animal Planet / 2012)

The series’ starting point is the tremendous growth that a metropolis like São Paulo has undergone in the last decades and the impact of that on inumerous wild life habitats around it. We follow the work of biologists and veterinarians while they try to rescue, treat and find a new home for endangered animals. Jaguars, wolves, falcons, deers, monkeys and many other species have their dramas registered by the documentary crew. (6×30′)

If you want to watch the whole series or some specific episode, email me and I’ll send you the links.

Director: Eduardo Rajabally
Co-Director and Photography: Mauro Martins
Editor: Paulo Mattos
Production Director: Renata Rudge
Executive Producers: Maurício Dias & Debora Ivanov
Produced by: Gullane & Grifa Filmes