The Reinvention Of Art Football


“The Reinvention Of Art Football” is a historical, profound, polemical and humorous TV Documentary that studies the roots of Brazilian football crisis, specially after the infamous 7×1 match against Germany in Brazil’s World Cup 2014. The film dives deep in understanding the construction of “The Country of Football” image, here and abroad. It also establishes a parallel with Brazil’s political and social situation. The film listens to European football stars (coaches and players) and brazilian thinkers and analysts, trying to figure out where it went all wrong. Filmed in São Paulo, Rio, Germany, Switzerland and England. Showcased on ESPN. (1×49′)

Ficha Técnica:
Director: Eduardo Rajabally
Writer: Gui Stockler
Editor: Leon Mosditchian
Director of Photography: Rodrigo Menck
Additional Photography: Miguel Vassy & Humberto Bassanelli
Narrator: Augusto Madeira
Executive Producers: Claudia Buschel & Eloïse Morhange
Producers: Caio & Fabiano Gullane
Produced by: Gullane Entertainment