In Production


November - 2022

“SobreVivências” project traveled in November to Goiás, on the central part of the country, to meet farmers and cattle ranchers and discover how climate change is affecting their business. The results are frightening: crops lost, unstable rain fall, poor soils… Global Warming is now an unescapable truth, but its most devastating consequences have not reached this region yet. According to a farmer who keeps track and records very accurately rainfall patern on the region “when the worst consequences reach us here it will be too late. We must do something before that happens”.


The documentary crew also visited Nerópolis (GO), a 30,000 inhabitants city, where a pioneer project wants to eliminate food waste. Comida Invisível (Invisible Food) is an idea that uses every city structure (personnel, recovery network, distribution centres) to recover food that would be otherwise throw away and distribute it to the most vulnerable citizens. They hope to make Nerópolis a “zero food waste” city, the first in the country, and then replicate the concept through the country.

“SobreVivências” is a documentary series that discusses the most important challenges of this century: climate change, food waste and production, city solutions, social inequality and vulnerability, circularity, social inclusion, economy etc. More information about its conclusion and exhibition soon.


October - 2022

“SobreVivências” is a new tv series that deals with some of the most challenging themes of the 21st century, such as climate change, food waste, circular economy, food production, urban planning etc. The production began in October its second shooting flight, with characters and their profound stories of survival and struggle for change.

The crew visited Jardim Colombo and Jardim Ampliação, in São Paulo’s Morumbi neighborhood – one of the city’s richest areas and at the same time home to some of the biggest slums in Brazil. These extremely poor people suffer already from what has been called “Climate Apartheid”, where vulnerable citizens suffer first the consequences of global warming.


Our team exposes the horrible conditions in which they live, but at the same time the series offers ideas, projects and solutions already beeing tested – a possible way out. Pink Farm is what you may call a vertical urban farm, producing quality food inside the metropolis and reducing water consumption, using circular techniques and avoiding food waste and burning fossil fuels with transportation from distant traditional farm locations to the cities.



“SobreVivências” is a Tocha Films production.

Shooting is over for Sound Architects series!

August - 2022

Shooting of my latest series Sound Architects about some of the top musical instrument makers in Brazil ended on August 22th. After traveling around the country, the project finished its filming phase at the studio, in São Paulo, recording some great talented artists presenting their instruments: inventive guitar player Monica Agena, “musical archeologist” and viola player Dagma Eid (presenting stringed instruments from the 16th, 17th and 19th centuries), creative performer and master percussionist Kabé Pinheiro and a beautiful renaissance/medieval trio.


The series is a Grifa Films Production, with Tiago SilvaCam (DoP), Juliana Belluomini & Erica Suzumura (Production), Adriano Pereira (Research) and Sound Recording by Moisés Brasil. Original Idea, Script and Direction by Eduardo Rajabally. Editing starts in two weeks by Gustavo Ribeiro. The project will be finished by the end of 2022. Stay tuned for updates on this beautiful series!


Sound Architects is on filming mode

July - 2022

Filming of this new series began on July 26th, telling the stories of some of the most famous and refined luthiers in Brazil – top quality muscial instrument makers. Each of the four episodes presents one family of instruments: classic, exotic and traditional, percussive and electric. The episodes will also have professional musicians in studio demonstrating the sounding qualities of these precision instruments. Shooting is happening in São Paulo, Paraná and Minas Gerais. Production by Grifa Films.


“SobreVivências”: series begins its production in studio

June - 2022

From June 20th to 24th, a new Tocha Films production began in studio with a series of very inspiring expert interviews. The project investigates the main challenges our planet faces in this new millenium: climate change, food production and food waste, renewable energy, life in the metropolis, mobility, consumerism etc. The idea is to discuss possible solutions for a more circular future. Among facts and philosophical thinking, our guests include: Luiz Marques, Paulina Chamorro, Amanda Costa, Tereza Campello, Helio Mattar, Gui Brammer, Felipe Faria, Daniela Leite,  João Paulo Capobianco, Leonardo Lima, Weber Amaral, Raquel Cardamone, Ester Carro and many more!

This is the project’s first flight. Ahead of us are more than 50 shooting days all around Brazil, and a second round of studio interviews. The series is a Tocha Films production, directed by me, produced by Sylvio Rocha, executive production by Marcos Okura, production direction by Nathália Gouvêa, Script by Gui Stockler, Cinematography by Dado Carlin and AD and research by Adriana de Almeida Gomes.


Documentary series on the art of Brazilian musical instrument crafstmen begins its research and development stages

May - 2022



“Sound Architects” is a new and exciting doc series that presents some of the most importante luthiers in the country. Its four 30-minute episodes will showcase their technical and artistic skills, as well as the history behind their knowledge and each instrument they are capable of build.

It is a sonic travel throughout Brazil!

New series on the challenges of the 21st Century begins research and development stages

May - 2022


Produced by Tocha Films – a production house whose speciality is to develop contents connected to the worlds most pressing challenges and sustainable issues – this 12 episode series delves into the newest projects and ideas ready to be put to use, which have the potential to completely change our daily lives.

What can we do against food waste? How the world can change to renewable energy in a cheapest, safest and fastest way? How can we apply circular concepts to our business, keeping the wheels turning in a sustainable and at the same time profitable way? How to apply all this to the daily routines of millions of people, transforming the planet in a short period of time?

The series will be shot all over Brazil and will look for answers to these and many other fundamental questions o four time.

Canal Brasil’s international child traffic series begins editing stage

April - 2022




Produced by Grifa Films, the five-episode series (52 minutes) is being edited by Kazem Serri, with scriptwriter Guilherme Aguilar.

As work has already begun, results are thrilling and most promissing!

Documentary series on how covid 19 pandemic was fought inside the biggest Latin America hospital is now on editing mode

April - 2022

“Portraits of a Pandemic” – a five 30-minute-episode doc series – began its editing time in April. The series looks back over the two-year period when covid was a real threat to all of us and goes deep reflecting on what lessons we could possibly learn going through those extreme difficult times.


The material was shot during the desease’s most dangerous period, from March 2020 through March 2022, and presents the daily routine inside Albert Einstein Hospital, one of the most important scientific research places in Brazil and the biggest Hospital in Latin America. Over 70 days of shooting took place, observing all the safety procedures to ensure that the film crew would be somehow safe, although the danger and fear of contamination was present at all times.

This is a precious document of a period of time that will go down in history as one of the most dramatic of the last century. The series, produced by Cinegroup, will be showcased on Globoplay (TV Globo Streaming service) on July 2022.

TV Series on international child traffic travels to France to shoot european leg of production

February - 2022

After three shooting months in São Paulo and Rio, our series traveled to France and Switzerland. During the weeks spent overseas, we could film our main characters, who were sent abroad illegaly in the 80’s. Their lives and identities were changed forever, creating conflicts and situations which they are yet to solve in their lives.


Filming ocurred in their homes and specially produced locations, like football team Paris Saint-Germain Stadium, the Brazilian Consulate in Paris, a boat house on the Seine river, at Radio France International Studios and at different locations on the streets of the French capital.

The crew then traveled to Geneva and to South of France, to shoot at Nice, Mônaco and Menton.



The series, produced by Grifa Films and with no main title yet, will be aired on Canal Brasil at the beginning of 2023.

Documentary about the biggest and greenest Pulp Mill industry in Brazil is now being edited.

January - 2022


The one-hour film, produced by Grifa Films, was shot between 2020 and 2021, and tells the story of Bracell’s gigantic plant in the country. Among many challenges were the obssession to make all processes become circular, from water treatment, to energy production and consumption, correct managing of Eucalyptus forests, job creation in the cities around it and total fossil fuel-free operations.


During its construction, which involved thousands of workers, covid-19 pandemic stroke hard and difficult decisions had to be made in order to maintain the original planning and schedule. The result of this work of epic proportions is going through its final stages of editing, coloring and mixing.


The idea is to showcase it in August. Channel is yet to be defined.