Wild Camera

(NatGeo / 2016)

Wild Camera is a TV Show that mixes high technology and wild life photography in a curious and very creative way. In each episode, famous wild life photographer Cristian Dimitrius has a different assignment: to shoot images of a species in its own habitat but in an unusual form. To accomplish his mission he has the useful help of two brilliant and funny scientists, that will help him create the most strange and practical devices. (8×30′)

Director: Eduardo Rajabally
Writer: Gui Stockier
Director of Photography: Cristian Dimitrius & Janice D’Avila
Editors: Leon Mosditchian, Fernando Avila, Felipe Duarte Ferreira
Executive Producer: Marcelo Siqueira
Produced by: Mistika Post

Filming on location

In the woods, shooting Wild Camera

On Set: The Lab

The Lab: Wild Camera

The crew: ready to shoot Wild Camera

Bulba, Chris & Daniel