Till Death Do Us Part

(A&E / 3 Seasons: 2012-2015-2018)

With the testimony of relatives, friends, investigators and other key-witnesses, the series successfully presents some of the most famous crimes of passion that happened in Brazil. With the aid of state-of-the-art animation, the stories and characters in each episode come to life. From concrete evidence, the series attempts to reveal the occult psychological causes that can make love and passion turn into hate and death. Winner of the PromaxBDA LatinAmerica 2012 Award, in On-Air Program Packaging category. In its debut, the series raised channel ratings in 250%.

3 seasons produced (2012-2015-2018)

Director: Eduardo Rajabally
Writers: Paula Szutan / Beatriz Monteiro / Gui Stockler
Editorial Coordinator: Giuliano Cedroni
Director of Photography: Dado Carlin
Editor: Paulo Mattos
Art Director: Rodrigo Pimenta
Researchers: Stela Grisotti / Beatriz Monteiro / Camila Camargo
Executive Producer: Beto Gauss / Camila Grosch / Renata Grynszpan
Produced by: Prodigo Films