Life on the Move


“Life on the Move” is a feature film that discusses the post-modern lifestyle adopted by most societies in the vast majority of the big metropolis around the world.The lack of movement in our daily lives is bringing serious problems to our health and posing serious challenges and threats for the future of mankind. Sedentary behavior, also known as ‘the silent epidemics’ is probably the biggest health issue of the 21st Century. Márcio Atalla, famous Brazilian physical educator and TV star, travels around the globe to observe how different cultures study and find creative solutions to solve this urging puzzle.

Director: Eduardo Rajabally
Original Idea & Story by: Márcio Atalla
Writers: Selma Perez, Eduardo Rajabally, Márcio Atalla & Joana Kfuri
Director of Photography: Humberto Bassanelli
Editor: Selma Perez
Text: Daniela Garutti
Sound: Miquéias Motta
Music: Diogo Poças
Producer: Marina CostaManso
Executive Producer: Adriana Tavares
Assistant Director: Joana Kfouri
Produced by: BossaNova Films