Future-Proof Present


“Future-Proof Present” is a documentary feature film about Circular Economy – a brand new theme as much as it is widely unknown, and one that presents itself as strategic for world economy for the next few decades. The current economic model, known as Linear Economy, is based on extraction, production, consumption and disposal of raw materials and products. The idea is that CE can close this gap, transforming waste in new, reusable raw materials, for the same or other production chains. It looks simple but for that to happen it is necessary to re-think product design and all its consumption and disposal logic. Circle Economy is also represented by Shared Economy, a strong movement that creates new more efficient business models. The film analyzes with profound delicacy this new world-wide trend, traveling to The Netherlands, where CE is most advanced, and showing how to adapt this revolutionary ideas to a developing country like Brazil.

Director: Eduardo Rajabally
Original Concept & Executive Producer: Sylvio Rocha
Narrator: Lenine
Script Writer: Gui Stockler
Content Supervisor: Bia Luz / Exchange 4 Change Brasil
Director of Photography: Dado Carlin
Editor: Paulo Taman
Text: Gui Stockler & Eduardo Rajabally
Production Coordinator: Fábio Glingani
Producer: Gabi Fongaro
Assistant Director: Gus Moraes
Music: Maestro & Simon
Art: Flávio Reis / Audiovisualismo
Produced by: Tocha Filmes
Co-Production: Globo Filmes & Globo News

Watch the Trailler and the Promos!

Future Proof Present – Trailer from Eduardo Rajabally on Vimeo.

Um Presente à Prova de Futuro [Trailer] from Eduardo Rajabally on Vimeo.

UM PRESENTE À PROVA DE FUTURO [TRAILER] from Eduardo Rajabally on Vimeo.