Brazil: One Virus, Two Worlds


“Brazil: One Virus, Two Worlds” is a documentary created by John Conroy and produced by BBC in Brazil with RedEarth Films, as part of the Our World segment of the BBC News World Channel. It is a movie that discusses the complex relationships between domestic workers and their employers. The Corona Virus Pandemic made this unique situation even more dramatic by exposing the absurdly unjust and huge social gap between the rich and the very poor in the country. Filmed in São Paulo during the peak of the quarantine period, this is a sensitive and emotional record of very difficult times in Brazil.

Field Director: Eduardo Rajabally
Executive Producer (Brazil): Gideon Boulting
Story Researcher: Beatriz Monteiro
Producer: Porthos Leite & Raniere Kepler
Director of Photography: Dado Carlin
Narrator: Nimmy March
Editor: Susannah Reid
Archive Producer: Stuart Robertson
Prod.Coord.: Carolyne Astbury, Isma Iqbal & Jessica Springthorpe
Production Manager: Cara Goold
International Executive: Sarah Waldron
Original Idea & Director: John Conroy
Produced by: RedEarth Films & BBC

ONE VIRUS, TWO WORLDS (BBC Our World / 2020) from Eduardo Rajabally on Vimeo.


Brazil – One Virus, Two Worlds (BBC/2020 – Trailer) from Eduardo Rajabally on Vimeo.