Documentary and special film that tell the story of the largest private project in São Paulo State over the last 20 years: Bracell – the largest and greenest pulp mill on the planet. Built in Lençóis Paulista, some 300km from the city of São Paulo, during a time full of challenges, like economic crisis and the Covid-19 pandemics, the construction included thousands of experts, technicians and workers on an epic effort. The special film and the documentary were made over this extended period of time, presenting in each moment the obstacles and the necessary creativity and professionalism to overcome them.

Credits (special film):
Writer: Gui Stockler
Director of Photography: Tiago Silvacam
Additional Photography: Dado Carlin
Editor: Paulo Mattos
Field Producer: Juliana Belluomini
Executive Producers: Érika Araújo & Kiko Ribeiro
Producer: Fernando Dias
Director: Eduardo Rajabally
Produced by: Grifa Filmes

BRACELL (Filme Especial / 2021) from Eduardo Rajabally on Vimeo.