A Pandemic Portrait

(Globoplay / 2022)

Documentary series shot entirely inside the hospitals administrated by Israeli Society Albert Einstein, the biggest and most famous health complex in Latin America. Several documetary crews manage to register those crucial moments in 2020/21 when Covid-19 Pandemic was at its peak. The series casts a retrospective glance at this pivotal time in history, but from the point of view of those who were on the frontline: doctors, nurses, cientists and journalists. In 2022, a new documentary team completes the story, with new interviews, recaps and follow-ups. It’s a most fundamental record of a dramatic period of human history, with full access to the most difficult and courageous moments of this war. (5×30′)

Series Artistic & Editorial Supervisor: Eduardo Rajabally
Concept: Gui Stockler
Writers: Gui Stockler, Deborah Paura & Guilherme Kramer
Director 2022: Eduardo Rajabally
Director of Photography 2022: Mauro Martins
Sound: Moisés Brasil
Assistant Director 2022: Adriana de Almeida Gomes
Documentary Crew Leaders 2020/21: Hugo Takemoto & Danilo Pimentel
Production: Nathalia Gouvêa
Executive Producers: Fernanda Menegotto & Gabriela Javier
Executive Producers: Luciana Pires & Thalita Portugal
Produced by: CineGroup, VBrand & Israeli Society Albert Einstein