Sound Architects


Documentary Series “Sound Architects” showcases some of the best luthiers in Brazil, debating their processes, concepts and reflecting on the sound itself and its many qualities and characteristics. The episodes reveal instrument-makers and their secrets, inspirations and craftsmenship. From many parts of the country and from old/primitive to classic, moving through percussion, experimentalism and electric instruments. The series discusses the role of tradition, technology and art always in favour of musicians, building almost two dimensions: a tangible and an invisible structure and architecture, capable of producing the most beautiful sounds we will ever hear. (4×30′)


Original Idea, Writer & Director: Eduardo Rajabally
Director of Photography: Tiago Silvacam
Sound: Moisés Brasil & Rafael Vasconcelos
Editor: Gustavo Ribeiro
Researcher: Adriano Pereira
Producers: Erika Suzumura & Juliana Belluomini
Production Coordinator: Marina Pessoa
Executive Producers: Flávia Cronfli, Rafa Calil & Fernando Dias
Produced by: Duo2 & Grifa Filmes